Proven Contributions

The work done by me have not been Election Promises or Gimmicks, but I delivered my work for future generations of my beloved Shakurbasti. This will always remain my mission.


Supply- Management and Street Light Arrangement

Shakur Basti Legislative Assembly is the only area in whole of Delhi where all the five electric grids are free from load shedding.

  • New Grid of 66 KV constructed at a Cost of Rs. 13.50 Crore in Netaji Subhash Complex near K Block Shakurpur.
  • 33 KV Rani Bagh Grid built at a Cost of Rs. 6.50 Crore dedicated to public.
  • Two additional 20 MVA transformers installed at PP2 Rani Bagh Grid to firm up power supply.
  • Twenty four 630 KVA and 1000 KVA transformers installed at different places of the area and thirty two transformers of 400 KVA and 630 KVA upgraded to 1000
  • Five power grids in Shakurbasti: PPI, PP-II, PP-III, Mangolpuri Industrial Area Phase - II and Rani Bagh for power supply, a record in itself.
  • Sixteen high mast lights of 16 and 20 metres installed at all crossings of the area.
  • 134 semi high mast lights installed at different parks and important places of the area.
  • Old Panel Boards in all 49 power sub stations of the area replaced.
  • More than 3000 sodium lights and tube lights installed on electric polls for street lighting in Shakur Basti area.
  • 29000 metres old electric wires replaced by (ABC) Ariel Bunch Cables
  • 121 street lights with 250W sodium lights installed on service road from Madhuban Chowk to Mangolpuri Chowk and 32 new poles with 250W sodium lights installed in Shakurpur Colony.


Total Cost - 12 Lakh

  • Due to untiring efforts by area MLA, thirty years pending demand of Muslim community for a Graveyard in Shakurpur Resettlement Colony has been fulfilled with the allotment of land by DDA in front of H Block Shakurpur Colony and four walled hall for sitting with installation of sodium lights and construction of gate dedicated to Muslim community.


Six Mother Diary Booths constructed and dedicated to residents of Shakurpur Colony, A , G and I Block of Rajdhani Enclave, Sant Nagar and Deepali.


  • During this period Delhi Government is giving pension of Rs.600 per month to 3687 elderly females and males beyond the age of 60 years in Shakur Basti Legislative Assembly area.
  • Till now 387 widows have been provided financial assistance of Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000 in Shakurbasti Legislative Area.
  • Delhi Government has disbursed Rs. 20,000 each as financial assistance for marriage of daughters of widows.


  • All Huge Parks (District Parks) of DDA & MCD
  • He development includes, lush green Lawns, Modern Electronic Fittings, Rain shelters and Multi-coloured kota stone benches and centered walk ways for smoothening out influx & separate jogging tracks.
  • Beautification of Parks at Brij Vihar Distt Park, Anand Vihar, Shakti Vihar, Distt Park, Lok Vihar, Distt Park between A and B Block, Harsh Vihar Jheel Park, Saraswati Vihar B Block Park, Chaudhary Preetam Singh Park, Pitampura Village and Saheed Bhagat Singh Park ,Sant Nagar and remaining 42 parks in the area have been developed beautifully and development work in progress in Swami Vivekanand Park and Rajiv Gandhi Park , West Enclave, Maharaja Agrasen Park, Engineers Enclave, Pandit Fula Ram Park, Rishi Nagar, Ambedkar Park, Shukurpur and Danveer Bhama Shah Park, etc.
  • Broad sewer line passing through Jheel Park, Harsh Vihar has been covered.
  • Multi Gym in Jheel Park and more than 20 shelters made in parks of different colonies.


Total Cost - 13 Crore 77 Lakh and 55 Thousand

Total Length 93.98 kms

  • Shakurpur A to L Block: 22.00 Km
  • Pitampura Village: 9.00 Km
  • Enginner Enclave: 1.00 Km
  • Harsh Vihar: 1.58 Km
  • Rohit Kunj: 00.60 Km
  • Lok Vihar: 2.00 Km
  • Vasudha Enclave: 5.75 Km
  • Chander Lok:0.30 Km
  • Kohat Enclave:4.00 Km
  • Sandesh Vihar:1.20 Km
  • M P Enclave:1.00 Km
  • Rajdhani Enclave:2.50 Km
  • Kapil Vihar:0.50 Km
  • ushpanjali:3.00 Km
  • Deepli Enclave:2.50 Km
  • Suvidha Kunj:1.00 Km
  • West Enclave :1.35 Km
  • Tarun Enclave:2.70 Km
  • Saraswati Vihar:5.50 Km
  • Sharda Niketan:2.50 Km
  • Sainik Vihar:2.50 Km
  • Multan Nagar:2.70 Km
  • Hari Singh Park:0.30 Km
  • Mangolpuri Industrial Area:2.50 Km
  • Rishi Nagar:4.50 Km
  • Sant Nagar:2.00 Km
  • Rani Bagh:8.00 Km
  • Anand Vihar Shakti Vihar:1.50 Km


Total Cost - 5 Crore 95 lakh

Total Length 59.20 kms

  • Shakurpur: 10.00 Km
  • Samrat Enclave: 0.75 Km
  • Pitampura Village: 2.00 Km
  • Enginner Enclave: 2.00 Km
  • Harsh Vihar: 3.00 Km
  • Rohit Kunj: 1.00 Km
  • Lok Vihar: 2.00 Km
  • Vasudha Enclave:0.60 Km
  • Kohat Enclave:1.50 Km
  • Sandesh Vihar:1.00 Km
  • M P Enclave:2.00 Km
  • Kabir Dass Marg:0.80 Km
  • Veer Hemu Marg:1.80 Km
  • Parsuram Marg:1.00 Km
  • Parwana Road:2.00 Km
  • Rajdhani Enclave:4.50 Km
  • Pushpanjali:2.00 Km
  • Deepli Enclave:2.00 Km
  • Suvidha Kunj:2.00 Km
  • West Enclave :2.00 Km
  • Tarun Enclave:1.25 Km
  • Saraswati Vihar:3.25 Km
  • Sharda Niketan:0.75 Km
  • Sainik Vihar:3.00 Km
  • Multan Nagar:2.00 Km
  • Guru Virjanand Marg:2.50 Km
  • Hans Raj Marg:0.50 Km
  • Shahid Bismil Marg:2.00 Km


Total Cost - 5 Crore 19 lakh 50 Thousands

Total Length 5.53 kms

  • Shakurpur: 25
  • Pitampura Village: 5
  • Enginner Enclave: 4
  • Harsh Vihar: 6
  • Rohit Kunj: 1
  • Lok Vihar: 6
  • Chander Lok:1
  • Kohat Enclave:7
  • Sandesh Vihar:2
  • M P Enclave:4
  • Pushpanjali:3
  • Deepli Enclave:3
  • Suvidha Kunj:1
  • West Enclave :2
  • Tarun Enclave:3
  • Saraswati Vihar, Sharda Niketan:11
  • Sainik Vihar:2
  • Rishi Nagar:1
  • Sant Nagar:2
  • Rani Bagh:3
  • Anand Vihar, Shakti Vihar:1
  • Vidhya Vihar:2


Essential Steps that has been undertaken for the improvement in Supply of Potable Water.

Total Cost -11 Crore

  • A separate 4 inches water line has been provided for the uninterrupted supply of potable water to the entire Railway Colony including Shakur Basti Railway Station.
  • It is historical that since the British days, the Shakur Basti Railway Station did not have the Potable water supply for the passengers. Now with the commencing of 4 inches water line, it can be possible to provide drinking water to daily commuters.
  • 16.71 km old lines replaced, 1.3 km new water lines laid and 21 km water lines cleaned in all colonies of Shakur Basti Legislative Assembly.
  • Billing Counter opened for depositing of water bills on all working days in Saraswati Vihar Society Office near Saraswati Vihar Crossing, so that residents of ShakurBasti area do not have to go to Kanhaiya Nagar or Ashok Vihar to deposit the water bills.


  • Unprecedented Steps For Improvement of Sewerage System in the entire Shakur Basti Assembly Constituency.
  • Total Cost of the Project - Rs. 75 Crore
  • Replacement of settled sewer lines of 1200MM, 900MM, 600MM & 450MM diameter at the Cost of Rs.49 Crore.
  • Replacement of 1600 MM diameter trunk sewer line from Harsh Vihar to Haiderpuri at the Cost of Rs.21 Crore.
  • Replacement of settled sewer line in Rani Bagh and Rishi Nagar at the Cost of Rs.5 Crore.

Areas that will stand to benefit by the above scheme are the following:

Sant Nagar, Maharana Pratap Enclave, Chander Lok Enclave, Samrat Enclave, Rohit Kunj, Sandesh Vihar, Lok Vihar, Kapil Vihar, Engineer Enclave, Harsh Vihar, Pitampura Village, Saraswati Vihar, Anand Vihar, Shakti Vihar, Sainik Vihar, Suvidha Kunj, Deepali Enclave, Sharda Niketan, Pushpanjali Enclave, Tarun Enclave, West Enclave, Multan Nagar, Brij Vihar, Sansad Vihar, Vidya Vihar, Pundrik Vihar, Gujarat Apptt., Kasturba Apptt., Kashmiri Apptt., Dudyal Apptt., Raja Enclave, Ashiyana Apptt., Parijat Apptt., Sharda Apptt., Nilamber Apptt., Trivani Apptt., Jai Shiv Apptt., Jeevan Anand Apptt., Milan Apptt., Maulana Azad Apptt., Galib Apptt., Shakur Pur Resettlement Colony, Shakur Pur and Mangolpuri Industrial Area


Total Cost - 4 Crore 63 Lakh and 52 Thousand

  • A huge sports field is being constructed by Delhi Development Authority on 24 acres land in Anand Vihar and Shakti Vihar and behind Sainik Vihar at a Cost of 1 Crore 32 Lakh. A 3 km walkway is being made. The centre of attraction would be tennis court, cricket ground and fountains.
  • Rapid progress in development of Sandesh Vihar District Park (Near Netaji Subhash Place) at a Cost of 3 Crore 31 Lakh and 52 Thousand.
  • In this park footpath, swings for children, parking, 3 shelters, very beautiful entrance plaza, water bodies, cascade plaza, etc are being constructed.


Total Cost - 42 Crore 47 Lakh

  • In complete legislative assembly area till now funding has been done through the treasury of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, MCD and Delhi Jal Board for Dense Carpeting of Roads Construction of By-Lanes through Premixing Cement Concrete, Restoration and Construction of side armour of Sewer. Construction of footpaths and footpaths in parks and construction of shelters and Main Gates.


Dense Carpeting, Service Roads and Footpath etc.

  • Dense Carpeting of Master Plan Road No. 42,43 and 44 of Shakur Basti Legislative Assembly area by Public Works Department.
  • Missing Link of Road No. 43 opened.
  • Service Road and footpath laid.
  • Approval for subway for travellers from Shakurbasti Railway Station to Rani Bagh Chowk. Total Cost - 2 Crore 82 Lakh and 79 Thousand. Work to commence from next month.


Total Cost - 7 Crore 26 Lakh

A Total Length 39.68 kms

  • Samarat Enclave: 0.46 Km
  • Pitampura Village: 1.00 Km
  • Enginner Enclave: 0.50Km
  • Rohit Kunj: 0.48Km
  • Vasudha Enclave: 0.40Km
  • Kohat Enclave:1.00 Km
  • M P Enclave:1.20 Km
  • Veer Hemu Marg: 0.90Km
  • Parsuram Marg:0.54 Km
  • Parwana Road: 1.35Km
  • Pushpanjali: 3.00Km
  • Deepli Enclave: 2.50Km
  • Suvidha Kunj: 3.80Km
  • West Enclave :1.30 Km
  • Tarun Enclave:1.35 Km
  • Saraswati Vihar: 3.75Km
  • Sharda Niketan: 0.75Km
  • Sainik Vihar: 2.50Km
  • Multan Nagar: 2.50Km
  • Mangolpuri Industrial Area: 1.00Km
  • Captain Satish Marg:0.55 Km
  • Police Line: 0.50Km
  • Guru Virjanand Marg: 1.40Km
  • Hans Raj Marg:1.40 Km
  • Shakurpur:2.30 Km
  • Harsh Vihar Chowk to Anandvas School Road No 41 to Kabir Dass Marg :2.70 Km


Total Cost - 9 Crore 56 lakh

Total Length 62.97 kms

  • Shakurpur: 1.25 Km
  • Samrat Enclave: 0.92 Km
  • Pitampura Village: 4.00 Km
  • Enginner Enclave: 2.00 Km
  • Rohit Kunj: 0.90 Km
  • Lok Vihar: 5.00 Km
  • Chander Lok:0.80 Km
  • Kohar Enclave:3.00 Km
  • Sandesh Vihar:0.40 Km
  • M P Enclave:3.00 Km
  • Kabir Dass Marg:1.00 Km
  • Veer Hemu Marg:1.80 Km
  • Parsuram Marg:1.00 Km
  • Parwana Road:2.70 Km
  • Rajdhani Enclave:4.50 Km
  • Kapil Vihar:1.00 Km
  • Pushpanjali:3.50 Km
  • Deepli Enclave:3.80 Km
  • Suvidha Kunj:1.80 Km
  • West Enclave :2.60 Km
  • Tarun Enclave:2.50 Km
  • Saraswati Vihar:2.75 Km
  • Sharda Niketan:1.25 Km
  • Sainik Vihar:3.50 Km
  • Multan Nagar:2.00 Km
  • Captain Satish Marg:1.00 Km
  • Sant Nagar:0.50 Km
  • Rani Bagh:2.50 Km
  • Guru Virjanand Marg:2.80 Km
  • Hans Raj Marg:1.50 Km
  • Anand Vihar Shakti Vihar:1.20 Km


Total Cost - 73 lakh

Length 5.53 kms

  • Shakurpur: 2.00 Km
  • Pitampura Village: 1.50 Km
  • Kabir Das Marg: 0.40 Km
  • Parwana Road: 0.40 Km
  • Police Line Road: 1.00 Km